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Our Goal

Our goal is excellence in audio at a great price and with the very best service available. We will not carry all product lines but will selectively choose equipment based on quality, price, dependability, and service. We want our clients to know that they can trust us and will not simply sell anything just to make a sale. Bottom line, we do not want to apologize for the audio equipment we sell.

About our Founder

Our founder, was born and educated in England. He has the English equivalent to a Master’s in Electrical Engineering with an emphasis in Sound. For 18 years he worked in London, where he designed sound equipment for feature films, television productions and theatre. Just a few of the award winning theatre productions that he worked on were Les Miserables and Andrew Lloyd Webber's Cats and Starlight Express. He has also worked with many award winning sound designers and academy award winning sound engineers. He has over 35 years of experience working in professional front of house sound, such as theatre and churches, and location sound, such as feature films and electronic news gathering (ENG) work. He has been an active member of the Audio Engineering Society for over 30 years.

Our Company

Audio Resources Ltd. was started in 1996 in Colorado to serve the high end professional sound engineer market. This includes supplying equipment to sound engineers doing feature film work and ENG. We supplied equipment used by engineers in many major feature films. We also supplied equipment used by NBC News, ABC News, CBS news, 20/20, 60 Minutes, 48 Hours, and others. Late in 2004 Audio Resources relocated to Arizona where we changed our name to SoundMixers, Ltd.
Over the years, Audio Resources Ltd. realized a great need for quality equipment at affordable prices and at varying price points. From this we expanded into many audio markets with the same basic goal, to achieve audio excellence and not just make a sale.