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Countryman B6 Lavalier, in stock usually ships in 24 hours

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Smaller than the cable of some other lavaliers, the Countryman B6 is effectively hidden when it's in plain sight. For example choose a protective cap near the color of a shirt and poke the Countryman B6 out through a button hole. Tape the cable to the back of the shirt to secure it and your done. Say good by to the hassles and degraded sound quality you get burying mikes under clothing! Makeup and Sweat Resistant Built to withstand perspiration and makeup. The B6 will even survive an overnight soak in your favorite cola beverage! The outer screen in the Countryman B6's replaceable cap stops makeup and sweat before it enters the mike element. If it clogs you can simply remove the cap for cleaning or replacement. Description : Only one tenth of an inch (2.5 mm) in diameter, the Countryman B6 outperforms microphones many times it's size. The B6 features replaceable protective caps that can change it's color and frequency response to match your application. Designed to survive, it's highly resistant to moisture, makeup and other hazards found in a production environment.
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This is a great sounding microphone and has a lot of uses. We have a number of crews use this mic because it is easy to hide and still sounds great. The different frequency response caps allow for tailoring the response if it is hidden under clothing. The different colors available make hiding the mic easy too and the white version hides very well in bridal gowns for our videographers who like to use a real microphone when recording weddings instead of the often seen handheld mic. We do have crews who buy a color of B6 that they use often and buy different frequency response caps to allow them to change the color to some extent to hide better. This saves buying more mic's when different colors are seldom used. This is one of those mic's that you really need to have in your kit because of its versatility and great sound quality.
The Countryman B6 is available from