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COS22 two channel lavalier microphone, usually ships in 24-48 hours

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Additional information

COS-22 World’s First Two-Channel Lavalier Microphone
• Wide pick-up area “plant mic”
• Ultra-Miniature
• Natural response
• Original vertical diaphragms
• Unique dual omni-directional design
• Extended frequency range
• Surface noise isolation
• Moisture protection
The Sanken COS-22 is the world’s first dual capsule lavalier mic. In the tradition of the industry-wide popular Sanken COS-11s lavalier — copied but never matched in quality — the ultraminiature COS-22 measures only 1.25” in length but boasts a truly unique concept: dual highperformance omni-mics in a tiny package. The two-channel, dual omni-directional COS-22 is designed for a variety of applications, including high quality unobtrusive area miking, stereo recording of music and environmental ambience, redundant capsule live broadcast (e.g. news anchors), and boundary-style miking for film and television. In addition, the COS-22 can be used as a noise cancellation directional microphone pair by reversing the phase of one channel before summing the two outputs. The COS-22 two-channel lavalier microphone is the result of a joint engineering effort by Sanken and NHK to create a new generation of microphones designed to meet today’s highest audio standards while satisfying the concealment requirements of high-resolution film and video. Ideal for voice or instruments in live broadcasting, location recording and studio applications, the COS-22 utilizes the world’s most advanced precision craftsmanship for the ultimate in sensitivity, natural sound and hidden capabilities. The proprietary vertical diaphragm introduced by Sanken is an example of its innovative and unique product designs. Often simulated, Sanken products provide the optimum results and the highest quality available today. Available with several terminations.