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EONSUB G2 powered subwoofer, usually ships in 24-48 hours

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The EONSUB G2 from JBL Professional is a perfect companion for either the EON10 G2 or EON15 G2 powered speaker.The EONSUB G2 offers powerful low frequencies in a compact, durable enclosure and a new low price.
When you combine the EONSUB G2 with other EON G2 speakers, such as the EON10 G2, you have a full range sound system whose clarity, volume and low end are truly amazing, considering their small size. Because the power amp and crossover are internal to all EON speakers, set up time and outboard equipment are minimized. Just plug in and play.
The EONSUB G2 powered subwoofer is consistent in design with other EON G2 models. With 250 watts of low-end power and a frequency range of 40 to 200 Hz, EONSUB G2 is also an ideal companion for any sound system needing additional low end. JBL's patented Neodymium Differential Drive« woofer generates maximum efficiency with minimum weight.
The Thermomaster« cooling system allows the power amplifier and 15" woofer to stay cool, even under the most challenging circumstances, without the need for noisy fans or protruding external heatsinks. The SUB's cabinet was specifically designed to securely hold the EON10 G2 using receptacles built into the top of the SUB.
EONSUB G2 also underwent a facelift, with its new scratch-forgiving black covering and embossed grill cover for added rigidity.