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K-Tek K-Zepp zeppelin windscreen with cover, usually ships in 24-48 hours

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Dead air is what we strive to achieve in windscreen design, and dead air is what you will find in the Zeppelin. The Zeppelin from K-Tek is a practical, user-friendly method for getting maximum shielding from wind exposure during location recording. The Zeppelin system consists of an injection molded polypropylene microphone cage, 2 rubber retaining rings with removable sonic foam end caps, XLR pig tail, and a snug-fitting faux fur High-Wind cover. We offer it in four standard sizes. The microphone is supported by K-Tek's popular General Purpose Suspension (K-GPS) or Short Shock Mount (K-SSM), which can accommodate microphones from 19-25mm in diameter. The modular Zeppelin assembles and dismantles quickly and effortlessly, for compact storage and travel, and easy replacement of parts. Once the system is installed, the microphone can be slid out of the cage at any time for use while still mounted on the K-GPS/K-SSM suspension. Options include a fleece cover and a hefty hand grip for handheld work away from a boom pole.
Pole and cable is not included.