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Boom Poles

K-Tek KEG-88cc traveler boom pole, usually ships in 24-48 hours

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Top Quality Affordability for ENG, EFP, DV Production
The KEG-88 is the first professional boom pole designed to fit into a standard equipment case, the versatile Avolon Traveler stores quickly for easy transportation and extends to a maximum reach of 7'8".
Crafted of the same high-density graphite fiber used in the K-Tek Klassic line, Avalon boom poles are designed to meet the needs of ENG and DV Camera crews. The series offers many of the same benefits of the original Klassic boom poles in an affordable package -- eliminating some deluxe features but without sacrificing any of the K-Tek quality. All poles feature the same high-reliability collars and unique “captive collet” coupling system -- telescoping sections lock in place securely and easily. Factory wired models are fitted with a high-quality coiled cord inside the pole and a sturdy male XLR receptacle conveniently mounted with a bottom exit or a side exit at the base.

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