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Boom Poles

K-Tek K152CCR, usually ships in 24-48 hours

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Now Equiped with Soft-Touch Rubberized Dimpled Collars
The K-152 is a short pole for film, but a long pole for video. This 5-Section Boom Pole combines thoughtful design, top-of-the-line materials and precision engineering. The K-152 telescopes from 3' (91cm) to 12' 8" (386cm). Available wired with internal cable and bottom or side connector (CC or CCR) or “Flow-through Stubby” base (FTS), or unwired.
Superior Construction
K-Tek Poles are constructed from high-density graphite selected for maximum strength and minimum weight. Eight layers of dent-proof graphite are precision ground and then burnished to produce a low handling-noise finish.
Advanced Design
Klassic Pole tops feature two sets of slots to accommodate most types of mic cables. Telescoping sections are connected with unique “captive collets” that require minimum torque. The collets are held captive within our new Soft-Touch rubberized dimpled collars. This new design offers a UV and rain-resistants collar to withsand years of use. The Soft-Touch provides a pleasant touch and good grip under all conditions, even in extreme temperatures and humidity.
The K-CCR is a 3” base where the XLR comes out the side with a mushroom base and the new Soft-Touch collars that have a rubberized dimpled insert on the collar attaches to the ends. With longer poles this allows the operator to rest the pole on its base between takes without damaging the wiring.

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