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Countryman E6 (original or improved) Earset Microphone, in stock usually ships in 24 hours

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Delivering excellent value, great comfort, and superb sound quality, the Countryman E6 Omnidirectional Earset Microphone provides the same impressive performance as the Countryman E6i Omnidirectional Earset with a more rigid boom and smaller silicone pad.

Almost invisible to live or broadcast audiences, the E6 and E6i is comfortable for the wearer. It captures the closest source sound clearly with excellent rejection of wind, ambient sounds, and feedback. With its industry-unique snap-on cable extends the equipment life many times over. In addition, the snap-on cable makes your E6 or E6i compatible with almost any wireless mic system - just buy a new cable instead of a new complete microphone set

Countryman have mounted their tiniest mic capsule on an even tinier boom that is rugged and amazingly lightweight. A thin silicon pad at the earpiece helps keep the boom comfortably in place, even with glasses or other head-worn accessories. The Countryman E6 and E6i offers the widest range of boom colors to match virtually any skin tone, and each mic can easily be custom-fitted to any wearer. Once adjusted to fit your head, the tough springy boom keeps its shape when stored.

It's no surprise that Countryman's E6 Omni Earset is a top choice for presenters, educators, worship leaders and pastors, broadcasters, and many, many more.

The E6 and E6i Omni microphone is supplied with a snap-on cable with connector to suite the wireless system selected, windscreen, set of three protective caps, set of two collar clips (black and white), and case.

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The Countryman E6 is available from