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Countryman E6 Flex Earset Microphone, in stock usually ships in 24 hours

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The E6 Flex Omnidirectional Earset microphone combines the best of the classic E6 omni earset with the best of the omni E6i. The slim, springy earpad grips the ear securely like an E6, while the new flexible boom improves on the E6i for precise placement, extreme durability, and easy reshaping. As part of the Countryman E6 line, the E6 Flex features swapable reinforced cables, versatile skin tone options, extreme water resistance, rugged construction, and uncompromising sound. It weighs less than one-tenth ounce and virtually disappears against the skin, so performers forget they’re even wearing a mic. It’s what makes an E6 an E6: the smallest, highest-performance earset in the world.

The Best of Both Worlds
The fit of the classic E6 meets the flexibility of the E6i. Countryman Earsets are the smallest, lightest, and least visible head-worn microphones available. The slim earpad doesn’t interfere with hairstyles, eyeglasses, wardrobe, headphones, or in-ear monitors. The front boom of the E6 Flex is slightly firmer than our E6i, so it’s easily shaped right on the performer’s face and smooths out for a professional look.

Change the look, change the sound, or change the transmitter. Protective caps swap in seconds, adjusting the frequency response between flat and bright or very bright to improve speech intelligibility. The E6 Flex comes in three sensitivities for different speaking and singing styles, with up to 140 dB SPL capability. Switch between low-profile 1mm and Duramax 2mm cable, configured for almost any wireless transmitter and available in four colors.

Exceptional Sound
Frequency response is better than 20 Hz to 20 kHz ± 3 dB, with >100 dB dynamic range. Easy adjustment keeps the mic in the perfect position for maximum isolation. Countryman omnidirectional earsets reduce feedback an average of 12 dB compared to an omnidirectional lavalier.

Rugged and Reliable
Made of durable stainless steel, the E6 Flex stands up to daily handling, makeup, and sweat. The microphone element is virtually waterproof when used with the supplied protective caps.

Replaceable cables
With other microphones a worn cable requires purchasing a completely new mic. An E6 Flex cable replaces in seconds without tools. Snap-on miniature 1mm or 2mm super-rugged cables are available for almost any wireless transmitter or phantom mic input.