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Lectrosonics UM450 250mW pocket transmitter, Special order

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Digital Hybrid Wireless® Technology (US Patent Pending)
256 synthesized UHF frequencies
250 mW output power
DSP controlled dual envelope input limiter
DSP emulations for analog compatibility
Dual bicolor LEDs indicate four different levels for precise gain adjustment
DSP based pilot-tone signal
Circulator/Isolator output stage
Adjustable low frequency roll-off
The latest digital/analog hybrid technique is presented in a classic Lectrosonics wireless belt-pack transmitter. 24-bit digital audio is combined with optimized FM to create unprecedented audio quality and RF performance. The RF transmission is an aggressively optimized FM system with +/-75kHz wide deviation for a high signal to noise ratio. The overall system delivers full bandwidth audio frequency response up to 20kHz and the operating range of the finest analog wireless systems. A 5-pin input jack provides taps for low impedance dynamic mics, electret lavalier mics with positive or negative bias and line level inputs. Input gain is adjustable over a 43 dB range using two LEDs to precisely match the audio input level for optimum modulation, minimum distortion and maximum S/N ratio.
Most users do not need a license to operate this wireless microphone system. Nevertheless, operating this microphone system without a license is subject to certain restrictions: the system may not cause harmful interference; it must operate at a low power level (not in excess of 50 milliwatts); and it has no protection from interference received from any other device. Purchasers should also be aware that the FCC is currently evaluating use of wireless microphone systems, and these rules are subject to change.
For more information, call the FCC at 1-888- CALL-FCC (TTY: 1-888-TELL-FCC) or visit the FCC’s wireless microphone website at