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Lectrosonics RM Remote Control for SM Series Transmitters, usually ships in 24-48 hours

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The RM gives you remote control of SM Series transmitters using an audible tone delivered through the lavaliere microphone attached to the unit. Operating parameters on the transmitter can be set by holding the speaker on the RM close to the microphone and pressing the pushbutton. A “dweedle” tone will play from the RM speaker into the microphone and the parameter on the transmitter will be set immediately. Adjustments can be made to set:

Audio input gain
Lock or Unlock Modes
Sleep Mode ON/OFF

The flexible, intuitive interface on the RM makes setting these parameters quick and easy. The "dweedle" tones used to signal the transmitter are complex and can be detected in the midst of noise, yet they cannot be mistaken for the natural sound entering the microphone.

A single RM is capable of controlling any SM Series transmitter in any frequency block. Since it can simultaneously control multiple transmitters, the loudness of the tone is adjustable to suit different situations. With the volume turned up, changes can be made at a distance of up to 6 feet from the microphone. The volume can also be tumed down so that only microphones within a few inches of the speaker will pick up the tone.

The RM eliminates the need to disturb wardrobe or talent other than to make a quick, hands-free pause to send the dweedle tone into the microphone. Since the microphone is always positioned to pick up sound from the talker’s voice, it is always accessible for setup changes using the the RM. Even with the microphone concealed under fabric, the tone will still reach the microphone. A remote control system using an IR (infrared) signal would require a line of sight between remote module and transmitter.

Input gain is adjusted by setting the desired value on the LCD on the RM in the same manner as it is adjusted on the transmitter. A single pushbutton press and a brief tone burst then transfers the setting to the transmtter. Frequency is adjusted in the same manner, with the options of setting it directly by hex switch code or adjusting it by block and frequency in MHz.

The Lock and Unlock functions on SM Series transmitters may be used to safeguard the settings and prevent accidental adjustment. When Lock mode is enabled, the switches on the transmitter control panel will not operate. The only way to unlock the controls with the transmitter itself is to remove the battery. The RM can be used to unlock or lock the transmitter controls with a brief dweedle tone while the transmitter remains in position.

The Sleep mode on the SM Series transmitters extends battery life during idle conditions. This is very useful when lengthy preparations are necessary or with extensive costuming. The transmitter and microphone can be placed and concealed early in the process and the transmitter then put to sleep with the RM, which reduces power consumption by a factor of 5. When the production is ready to start, a quick dweedle tone wakes up the transmitter and normal operation resumes.

The life of the single AA battery that powers the RM itself is extremely long. A lithium AA battery may run the unit for several years depending upon how often the unit is used, how loud the tone is played and storage conditions. The RM is packaged in a machined aluminum housing with a rugged corrosion-resistant finish like the SM Series transmitters. A membrane switch panel helps protect the LCD and internal circuits from moisture and dust.

Frequency Tuning Range
RF-intense multichannel and mobile venues must have a broad selection of frequencies available to alleviate interference problems, especially with the emergence of DTV telecasts. 256 frequencies are selectable in 100kHz steps across the 25.6MHz tuning range of each frequency block. Nine different blocks are available.

Battery Compartment
AA battery technology has avanced significantly in recent years, with a variety of high capacity dry cell and rechargeable formats. SM Series transmitters and the RM remote module are designed to take advantage of this new technology and provide extended operating times at high RF power.

LCD and membrane switch control panel
Splash-proof, machined aluminum housing
Non-corrosive, superhard finish
Extremely long battery life
Includes quick-release lanyard

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The ectrosonics RM Remote Control for SM Series Transmitters is available from