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Wireless/IFB monitoring
Assistive Listening Systems

Comtek PR-216 receiver, usually ships in 24-48 hours

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Additional information

The PR-216 is our highest fidelity, professional quality personal monitor receiver designed to work with the M-216, M-216 Option P7, and BST-25/216 transmitters. This versatile receiver tunes COMTEK's high fidelity companded channels as well as standard non-companded narrow-band channels offering compatibility with other manufacturers' receivers. It is ideal for a variety of specialty applications: remote program monitoring, assistive listening, personal cueing, language interpretation, tour guide monitoring, live sound in-ear monitoring, and other personal monitoring applications.
The PR-216 is digitally synthesized and frequency agile allowing easy simultaneous multi-channel operation even in crowded RF environments. The channel that the receiver is tuned to automatically sets standard narrow-band operation on channels 1-40 (5 kHz deviation) or high-fidelity, wide-band companded operation on channels 41-60 (10 kHz deviation).
This receiver is user-friendly, compact, and extremely rugged. Plus, the use of high efficiency, low power consumption microcircuits and advanced digital and analog technologies ensures superior audio performance and outstanding reliability.
Headset not included

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