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KV2 Audio EX10 10" high-definition active loudspeaker, usually ships in 24-48 hours

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No other speaker this size can match the performance and resolution of the EX10. That's the beauty of an active loudspeaker design in which the amplifiers are perfectly matched to the transducers and every component is rigorously optimized.
To achieve high output from a small cabinet you need a lot of power. Precisely selected amplifier topologies have been designed to deliver 500 watts of total power through a unique LF amp designed for perfect control of the woofer working alongside a HF amp implementing a discreet, classic Class AB push pull topology with Intermodulation Distortion (IMD) restricting output transformer.
The primary challenge in building a two-way speaker system is that the crossover point is usually in the middle of critical vocal frequencies. Getting the woofer to operate seamlessly up to and slightly beyond the crossover frequency is the reason why most two-way systems simply lack resolution and depth.
KV2 Audio has implemented a technology that eliminates voice coil inductance, resulting in a flat impedance response above the resonance point, achieving faster transient response through increased force and control of the moving mass. This technology linearises acoustic and electrical phase response, reduces harmonic distortion and increases power transfer and transducer speed. The speaker now behaves like a woofer at lower frequencies and like a mid-range at higher frequencies-allowing a seamless transition at the crossover frequency. Complete on-board signal management is provided including equalization, phase adjustment, crossover filters and thermal and overdrive protection. The EX 10 can be used as a full range solution or with the EX 2.2 and EX 2.5 Active Subwoofers.
500 Watt Extreme Resolution Speaker System
The EX10 is a 2-way high output, active, compact, full-range speaker system. EX10 design objectives focused on the expansion of KV2 Audio’s primary philosophy of increased dynamic range, very high output and a consistent sound character no matter what the output level. The EX10 sets new levels of performance for compact cabinets achieved through the integration of new amplifier, transducer and electronic control technologies that are closely tied to KV2’s passion for taking performance to a higher level.

Small to medium-sized Live and Playback Applications
Portable PA Systems for speech and multimedia playback
Mobile DJ (when used with EX2.2 Active Bass Module)
Floor Monitoring Applications Fixed Installations that need to rock

High-output, extreme resolution, compact full-range speaker system
126 dB sustained output with very high dynamic range and low noise floor
Integrated active amplification and control electronics with 500 total watts of power
Complete, on-board speaker system management including equalization, time correction, crossover filters, amplifier overdrive protection, system set-up and output level controls
Very high quality 50-watt, low IM distortion Class A/B high frequency amplifier with transformer-balanced output
450-watt high-efficiency, current-enhancing, Switch Mode Technology, low frequency amplifier with Linear Active Filter
Compact asymmetrical trapezoidal cabinet design allows for use in stage monitor or under balcony applications.
Wide dispersion, rotatable, horn assembly design allows optimization and adjustment of the coverage pattern when cabinet is placed in horizontal position.
Floor Monitoring Filter precisely adjusts equalization and phase response characteristics providing optimized monitoring performance.
New patent-pending 1.75” (44mm) diaphragm titanium compression driver with complex geometry phase plug for higher output and lower distortion performance and neodymium magnet structure.
Ten-inch woofer with revolutionary Active Impedance Control (AIC) voice coil technology and neodymium magnetic motor structure dramatically increases force, lower distortion and provides increased frequency response linearity.
Professional, Baltic birch construction with wear resistant polymer coating Proprietary top handle design for simplified handling and carrying integrates one M10 hang points, OmnimountTM bracket point and four M6 bracket points
Four steel “fly-clip” anchor points, two on top and two on bottom
Integral side handle for repositioning
Two side-mounted M10 hang points Top hat for pole mounting applications