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KV2 Audio EX12 high-definition active loudspeaker, usually ships in 24-48 hours

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500 Watt Extreme Resolution Speaker System
The EX12 is a two-way high output, active, compact, full-range speaker system. EX12 design objectives focused on the expansion of KV2 Audio’s primary philosophy of increased dynamic range, very high output and a consistent sound character no matter what the output level. The advanced 3.00-inch compression driver and horn assembly provide extended throw capability from a compact enclosure while 500 watts of on-board amplification and an advanced woofer technology deliver solid bass reproduction at high output levels.
The EX12 sets new levels of performance for compact cabinets achieved through the integration of new amplifier, transducer and electronic control technologies that are closely tied to KV2’s passion for taking performance to a higher level.

Small to medium-sized Live and Playback Applications
Portable PA Systems for speech and multimedia playback
Mobile DJ (when used with EX2.2 or EX 2.5 Active Bass Modules)
Floor Monitoring Applications
Fixed Installations that need to rock

High-output, extreme resolution, compact full-range speaker system
127 dB sustained output with very high dynamic range and low noise floor
Integrated active amplification and control electronics with 500 total watts of power
Complete, on-board speaker system management including equalization, time correction, crossover filters, amplifier overdrive protection, system set-up and output level controls
Very high quality 50-watt, low IM distortion Class A/B high frequency amplifier with transformer-balanced output provides comprehensive distortion control under clipping conditions
450-watt high current, high-efficiency low frequency amplifier delivers high output bass with total control.
Compact asymmetrical trapezoidal cabinet design allows for use in stage monitor or under balcony applications.
New, state of the art 3.00” (76mm) diaphragm titanium compression driver features the first diaphragm to be treated with a Nitrate Vapor Particle Deposition (VPD) process that dramatically improves the dome’s resonance and dampening characteristics lowering distortion and extending frequency response. The driver features the largest neodymium motor in use today providing absolute control of the diaphragm assembly.
Wide dispersion (80° horiz. x 40° vert.)
Floor Monitoring Filter precisely adjusts equalization and phase response characteristics providing optimized monitoring performance.
Twelve-inch woofer with revolutionary Active Impedance Control (AIC) voice coil technology and neodymium magnetic motor structure dramatically increases force, lowers distortion and provides increased frequency response linearity.
Professional, Baltic birch construction with wear resistant polymer coating Proprietary top/side handle design for simplified handling and carrying integrates one M10 hang points, OmnimountTM bracket point and four M6 bracket points
Two side-mounted M10 hardware points
Top hat for pole mounting applications Electronics
Amplifier power, electronic crossovers, phase alignment, equalization, time correction and speaker protection are integrated into the EX12’s amplifier module. On-board electronics ensure fast, easy set up and complete control. The low frequency amplifier is a high efficiency, high current design especially developed for the EX12. This new topology improves overall system efficiency and increases output allowing passive radiation of heat to take place through a unique “fin-less” heat sink that can be placed in any position or direction. This ensures cool operation in horizontal or vertical applications. Additionally, the EX12 amplifier unit contains an internally located electric fan that is operated by a temperature sensing circuit which will slowly bring the fan online as required in extreme, high temperature situations.
Months of research were invested into designing circuitry to ensure that the EX12’s extreme dynamic range is maintained even under clipping conditions. The real test of the EX12’s limits is when it is exposed to the rigors and demands of live audio playback where clipping of amplifiers, generation of distortion artifacts and dramatic increases in the noise floor are all par for the course.
The EX12’s high frequency amplifier uses KV2 Audio’s standard low intermodulation distortion, Class A/B, push-pull topology. Metal Oxide Silicon Field Effect Transistors (MOSFET) are used for the output stage while the compression driver is coupled through a transformer balanced speaker output. The performance strategy for this type of design is based on producing the lowest intermodulation distortion possible and providing a technique for control of distortion by-products generated by the amplifier under clipping conditions. This provides the highest level of performance and audio quality possible.
Acoustic Components
The compression driver is a new, 3.00-inch (76mm) titanium diaphragm design, featuring a radial phase plug, progressive parabolic semi-circle suspension, direct drive nomex voice coil assembly and the industry’s largest neodymium magnetic motor structure. The largest advancement has been made through the development of a new treated titanium material used in the dome assembly. Through Nitrate Vapor Particle Deposition (VPD), an additional layer of material is fused to the titanium at a molecular level. The resultant material has dramatically improved resonance characteristics and improved dampening resulting in lower distortion artifacts and improved frequency response linearity extending the driver’s response beyond 20kHz.
The EX12 horn design was designed with two primary design goals. First to be as smooth as possible within its operating bandwidth and second to display perfect power response characteristics vis-à-vis the 12-inch woofer it is designed to crossover with. The horn design is based on constant- directivity geometry with an emphasis on generating very low air distortion artifacts, maintaining low transducer compression ratios, high output and wide dispersion (80° x 40°). The horn is an injected molded aluminum part that functions as a heat dissipator for the compression driver’s neodymium magnetic motor structure.
Both the compression driver and the woofer technologies were developed in conjunction with the engineering team at KV2 Audio’s transducer partner, 18 Sound in Cavriago, Italy. A new woofer technology has been developed called Active Impedance Control (AIC) and it delivers several exciting performance advantages. AIC technology consists of a carefully designed and placed “additional” coil placed on the speakers’ magnetic pole piece and connected in parallel to the primary voice coil. The magnetic field generated by this additional coil has the following effects:
1) Complete linearization of speaker impedance
2) Linearization of the acoustic and electrical phase response
3) Delivery of a significant increase in sensitivity and total SPL output
4) A remarkable reduction of Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)
5) Increased power transfer and transducer speed
All of these benefits help minimize several weaknesses inherit in two-way loudspeaker systems such as poor quality low-mids and the poor transient response found in this band pass. The EX12 is transparent, up-front and seamless in comparison to any and all competitive active 12-inch two-way designs.
Enclosure Design
The EX12 is a very compact, asymmetrical geometry enclosure design allowing it to be used in a variety of applications and featuring a number of ergonomically designed components that make it lightweight and easy to use. An extensive set of professional hardware features enables the EX12 to be used in a variety of environments using an array of industry standard hardware. These facilitate both portable and fixed installations with a maximum amount of mounting flexibility.
A specially molded aluminum handle was designed and fitted to the top and side of the cabinet. It functions as the principle pick up handle as well as providing several fixed installation and hanging solutions. It has a centrally located M10 hang point as well as four additional M6 bracket points. The handles four principal mounting bolts also provide an OmnimountTM bracket point. There are two side-mounted M10 hang points that can be used with brackets or eyebolts.