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KV2 Audio EX2.2 active subwoofer, usually ships in 24-48 hours

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1000 Watt Dual 12-inch Subwoofer with current-enhancing Switch Mode technology
The EX 2.2 is a compact, high output active subwoofer system. Through the use of proprietary amplifier technology, precision manufactured, high-tech woofer designs and the innovative implementation of a high efficiency, twin chamber acoustic design, the EX 2.2 delivers tight, fast, controlled bass response at very high levels. It falls directly out of KV2 Audio’s philosophy to develop products with increased dynamic range, very high output and a consistent sound character no matter what the output level. The system establishes new performance standards for a compact subwoofer that can only be achieved through the integration of new amplifier, transducer and electronic control technologies that are closely tied to a passion for taking performance to the next level.
The EX2.2 is can be used in a variety of system applications. It can add high performance bass reproduction to active speaker systems such as KV2 Audio’s EX10 loudspeaker, or it can be easily used with passive speaker systems. The built in electronic high pass filter, phase and independent output level controls provide high precision, easy to use system integration circuitry.

Small to medium-sized Live and Playback Applications
Portable PA Systems for speech and multimedia playback
Mobile DJ
Fixed Installations

Active high output, double 12-inch, bass module
1000 Watt High-efficiency amplifier featuring current-enhancing switch mode technology with linear active filter
High efficiency acoustic design delivers over 130dB of output
Complete, on-board subwoofer management including equalization, crossover filters, amplifier overdrive protection, output level and phase controls
Left & Right Stereo or Mono inputs with through signal outputs and high pass outputs
Two 12-inch, high output, high efficiency low frequency drivers with 3.00” (75mm) polymide, high temperature voice coil assembly and carbon fiber reinforced cone assemblies
Professional, Baltic birch construction with highly resistant polymer coating
Two recessed side handles for simplified handling and carrying
Acetal copolymer high impact, low friction feet are located on two sides allowing vertical or horizontal system set up, lock-in and easy cabinet movement
Two internal corner braces with four M10 suspension points
Top hat for pole insertion and speaker placement
LED indicators for signal present, limiter, thermal condition and power ON status