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In Ear Monitor

FutureSonics Atrio in ear monitor earphones, usually ships in 24-48 hours

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Additional information

The FutureSonics Atrio models are the result of more than three years of extensive research and development with todays top musicians, engineers, producers and audiophiles. The result is a miniature loudspeaker system that delivers all of the elements of your true sound. You are actually hearing the richness of the details, dynamics and even subtle tones of your audio program.
You've heard all of the hype out there... so called two way, three way, four way or hybrid multidriver designs. The truth is that these are more like hearing aids (armature drivers) and do not produce frequencies below 150Hz as effectively as Future Sonics' MG5Pro proprietary dynamic drivers only found in our Atrio products. The bottom line is that we produce the true timbre sonic quality that delivers the audio signature the way your own ears would hear naturally - with feel and energy.