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Aviom A-16II 16 channel personal monitor mixer, usually ships in 24-48 hours

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The A-16II allows individual performers to create custom monitor mixes tailored to their individual needs. Designed for use in live performance or in the studio, the A-16II Personal Mixer gives each performer control over channel volume, grouping, pan, stereo spread and master volume and tone. Every Personal Mixer in a system can create a unique monitor mix for a performer. Users can save and recall up to sixteen custom mixes as presets in their Personal Mixer. The stereo output from the A-16II can be used to drive wired or wireless in-ear monitors, headphones, powered floor wedges, an amplifier, or spot monitors. Mixers can be daisy-chained or connected in parallel using an A-Net Distributor. Parallel connections also allow power to be supplied to the mixers over the Cat-5e cable.